A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a software
application designed to record and store client-level information on
the characteristics and service needs of homeless persons. An
HMIS is typically a web-based software application that homeless
assistance providers use to coordinate care, manage their
operations, and better serve their clients.

HMIS implementations can encompass geographic areas ranging
from a single county to an entire state. An HMIS knits together
homeless assistance providers within a community and creates a
more coordinated and effective housing and service delivery

The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
and other planners and policymakers at the federal, state and local
levels use aggregate HMIS data to obtain better information about
the extent and nature of homelessness over time. Specifically, an
HMIS can be used to produce an unduplicated count of homeless
persons, understand patterns of service use, and measure the
effectiveness of homeless programs. More on HMIS for Beginners.

HMIS.Info - Get HMIS Informed

HMIS.Info has been developed by HUD's National HMIS Technical
Assistance Initiative as a central location for communities to get
current information, publications and HUD resources related to
HMIS. It has also been designed to encourage peer-to-peer
networking and interaction among grantees, communities and
other stakeholders with similar implementations, that are close in
geographic proximity, or that may be facing similar challenges in
their implementations.

Open Doors Homeless Coalition uses ClientTrack as our HMIS

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Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)